TRANS-FIGURATION is a  curatorial program and open group of artists established by Henrik Godsk and Ole Tersløse.

The program shows a certain interest in artists working with connections between figuration and abstraction, the problems that these artistic strategies encompass, and the transformation or subversion of these.

TRANS-FIGURATION will try to actualise figuration (the recognisable object in visual art) as a dynamic form in constant change, one that problematizes and enters into a conflictual relation with the issues existing outside of the artistic space that it seems to refer to.

TRANS-FIGURATION sees the art institution as a figure itself - but far from being a constant one it is a figure constantly changing shape. For that reason TRANS-FIGURATION has an open architecture enabling the group to habituate to changing conditions in the art world and collaborate with curators and artists that may fit into the concepts and plans for the group.